Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Housecall" From Hell

The body of an internist in Bakersfield, CA was found stuck in the chimney of her boyfriend's house. Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac was reported missing by her office two days prior to her death.  She had attempted to forcibly get into her boyfriend's house with a shovel.  When that failed she climbed a ladder to the roof and slid herself down the chimney.  In the meantime her BF escaped from the house.

A house sitter smelled a foul odor a couple of days later. She noticed fluids dripping down from the chimney (Ewww. One reason I didn't go into Pathology). When they shined a flashlight up into the chimney they discovered Dr. Kotarac's feet wedged inside. Took firefighters five hours to dismantle the chimney and remove her body. Now her ex is stuck with repairing a broken chimney and depressed housing value. Thanks a lot doc. Just goes to show doctors are imperfect (occasionally frighteningly crazy) humans after all.

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