Friday, September 10, 2010

Post Vacation Despondency

Some people say vacations are necessary to renew the spirit and revitalize the senses.  In Europe, mandatory month long vacations are practically a birthright. For me vacations are beneficial only up to a point.  A three day or four day weekend is about all the off time I can handle.  Anything more than that and rejuvenation turns into lethargy.

I just finished a ten day vacation that has left me feeling slow and wavering back at work.  Everything seems to take just a half second longer to perform.  Which drawer holds that Miller 4 blade?  Where is that ampule of atropine in the drug tray? What is the phone number for Preop? Ugh. For this reason I sometimes wish I didn't take vacations.  After working for months without an extended vacation, I am an anesthesia Terminator. I am precise, uncompromising, relentless.  I may be tired. I may be short tempered. But I am a machine.  Everything is functioning almost on automation.  My confidence in my ability to handle any anesthesia situation is nonpareil. Somehow that self assurance slowly slips away for every day I am not sedating somebody.  It will take me a few days of work to get back to that level of efficiency.

Did I have some mind blowing life altering vacation that has me distracted at work?  Far from it. It was just a staycation this year.  We are in the final stages of our home remodeling project so there was no opportunity to travel. To keep the kids and myself from going bonkers while we had all this "quality" time together, we explored local educational opportunities like the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and Griffith Observatory. These places are definitely much more involving than the stuffed animal museum otherwise known as the Museum of Natural History my children visited on their school field trip. When I was not trying to instill their impressionable little brains with knowledge, we watched a lot of Phineas and Ferb, my new favorite kids show.  They have the catchiest theme song since Gilligan's Island or The Beverly Hillbillies.  Check it out on the Disney Channel. You and your children will love it. Now back to work.

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