Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Medical Video Wars

The video sensation that was Orthopedics vs. Anesthesia has unleashed a video war between medical specialties.  However, as Hollywood frequently demonstrates, the sequels and copycat videos are not nearly as good as the original.  While the original had an element of surprise and delight, the followups feel forced and cheap.

The first sequel was Orthopod's Revenge. Anybody who watches this video will instantly recognize the total piece of fiction that it is.  Like a Jerry Seinfeld standup routine, the reason O vs. A was funny was because it cut close to reality.  Revenge just feels like a bad Matrix sequel.

Then there are the videos that practically plagiarized O vs. A. Anesthesia vs. Neurosurgery even repeats the asystole gimmick that was put to such great effect in the original. 

Of course anesthesiologists can't have all the fun.  Several videos return the favor and throw a harsh light on a common perception that anesthesiologists are obstructionists (remember it's all about patient safety) and clock watchers (we're not CRNAs).

Anesthesiologists aren't the only ones to come under criticism from other specialties.  Physicians from fields as diverse as emergency medicine, colorectal surgery, and even radiology are lampooned harshly by videographers presumably with bad experiences dealing with other specialties. Where will these vendettas end?  We haven't yet heard from residents blasting their attendings, physicians satirizing hospital administrators, or doctors ridiculing lawyers. Stay tuned.

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