Sunday, August 22, 2010

Global Warming Refuted

I saw this display during my trip to the Museum of Natural History.  It is shown to point out that the earth has been experiencing severe global warming since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  That change in temperature is represented by the infamous "hockey stick" line all the way over on the right side of the graph.  But when I saw this at the museum all I noticed was the average global temperature over the previous seventy million years as drawn on the rest of the chart.  From the chart it is obvious the earth has previously been much warmer. Only in the last few million years have we experienced a more temperate climate.  The recent global warming phenomenon doesn't even take us back to the previous baseline of global temperatures. We are still below average compared to a few million years ago.  It is clear the earth went through an Ice Age in recent history. But now it seems obvious that was not the norm.  The earth is merely rebounding from an abnormally cold climate.  So should we be spending trillions of dollars globally trying to combat mother nature when she is just trying to get back to her previous warm state?

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  1. There will always be people who believe capitalism is the great evil of this world and the remedy is socialism. At this point, they are using global warming hysteria (now global climate change) to redistribute wealth from rich nations to the lesser nations. If global warming is refuted, there will be some other excuse to raid the economic prosperity of countries that are successful. We shouldn't be spending trillions to avert a future based on models produced from pseudoscience, but you just can't get that point across to those who have based their whole worldview around a socialist redistribution of wealth.