Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple's CellPhoneAntennaReceptionEliminator


Apple is finally going to give a press conference tomorrow on the travails of the iphone 4.  Consumer Reports has confirmed the loss of cell phone reception when holding the iphone on the metal antenna.  This is after Apple first blamed its customers for holding the phone the wrong way causing it to lose signal reception.  When they were roundly criticized for their arrogance, they came back with the excuse that the signal bars were wrong to begin with.  We never received five bars of reception that were indicated on the phone; it was just an illusion.  In reality we only received two or three bars worth of reception.  That was widely laughed off as ludicrous.

Now Consumer Reports, the well respected, objective, eight million member strong, product testing organization has confirmed the cell phone antenna reception problem.  It proposed wrapping duct tape around the perimeter of the iphone to keep skin from actually touching the metal antenna.  If that is too embarrassing for the Apple fan boys out there, they tested the bumper that Apple kindly sells for $29, which in their tests eliminated the antenna issue.  Curiously, as many people have pointed out, Apple sells the bumper only for the iphone 4, not for previous models.  Could it be they knew about the reception problems but didn't have a better solution before the phone went on the market? That's why they had to resort to a $29 rubber band as an expensive accessory?  In the meantime I'll just hang onto my 3GS which despite my previously documented iOS4 problems does not have a reception problem, at least no worse than it was before.  (Curse you AT&T for poor coverage around my home.)  When my contract expires next year, hopefully Apple will have had another iphone event in June with all the problems fixed and I can confidently upgrade to the next iphone.  If not, Android is looking better every day.

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