Monday, June 14, 2010

With Friends Like This...

Q. How politically impotent are physicians in this country?

A. When the most socialist president in recent history has to stand up for us to convince the Senate Republicans, our traditional allies, to prevent the 21% Medicare paycut that has already gone into effect June 1.

In President Obama's weekly radio address, he urged the senators to reverse the Medicare cuts and work toward a permanent solution to the insane SGR annual "adjustments" that have frozen physician reimbursements for the last 20 years despite ever rising expenses to treat patients.  But Obama didn't give this speech because he suddenly felt a personal bond between doctors and the Executive Branch.  He realized that if these cuts go through more doctors will opt out of Medicare itself, making medical access even more difficult for seniors.  With ObamaCare vowing to bring millions more patients into doctors' offices paying Medicare rates, he knows his program will be a failure if people wake up and understand this whole program is a sham, using wealth distribution that restricts medical access for all.

As for our so called "friends" in Congress, the Republican leadership decided that they would draw a line in the sand on further deficit spending right at the doctor's doorstep.  After trillions of dollars spent in the last couple of years for banks, brokerages, insurance companies, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, auto companies and their unions, home builders, used care dealers, appliances makers, profligate student loan borrowers, long term unemployed, two hot wars in the Middle East, and countless other federal programs, our Congressional allies finally found a constituency they felt they could ignore without fear of losing at the ballot box.  Yes cutting the salaries of doctors would make absolutely no difference to them in their ability to get reelected.  And that's the definition of political impotence.

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