Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pampered Pets

I saw this storefront at the local strip mall.  I find it quite amusing, if slightly appalling.  The sign says "Specializing in raw food diet for cats and dogs".  I didn't know raw food for pets needed its own specialty store.  I thought a raw food diet was whatever they find in the alleys and garbage cans.  It disturbs me that we have millions of people who go hungry in this country and around the world yet some people will spend money on pampering their pooch with a special raw food diet.  And don't get me started on pet food that advertise themselves as containing real meat and no fillers.  These pets eat better than many children in our urban or rural areas.  Is it any wonder people feel the gap between the poor and the wealthy in America is unbridgeable?  They figuratively don't live in the same country at all.

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