Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WooHoo! We're Number Two!

According to Forbes magazine, anesthesiologists have the second highest paying job in America.  We have an average salary of $211,750.  We rank second only to surgeons (boo!) who make $219,770.  They apparently didn't survey neurosurgeons or interventional cardiologists.  The magazine said our salaries went up 7.1% in the past year.  Really?  Our profession seems to have slipped a notch when compared to Money magazine's survey which said anesthesiologists have the best job in America, with a median salary of $292,000.

Despite all the talk about how poorly primary care doctors are paid in this country, internists are ranked at number six on this survey, with an average income of $183,990.  General practitioners are ranked at number eight with an income of $168,550.  Is it any wonder doctors get no sympathy from the general public when we complain about how little we get paid?

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