Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Most Expensive Salon In Los Angeles.

Where was the most expensive and exclusive nail salon in Los Angeles?  Apparently it was the neonatal ICU at Olive View/UCLA Medical Center, one of four county hospitals in LA.  How selective was it?  Well, you have to have a reason to be in the NICU, such as having some sort of medically related degree or tech training.  It seems the entire staff at Olive View was in on this little side business.  One doctor "had a French manicure right on the high frequency ventilator."  What the heck is a French manicure, for those of us not metrosexual enough to know the difference between a French and regular manicure.  Some of the services offered, besides saving neonatal lives, included eyebrow waxing and nail filing.  An anonymous complaint said, "The smell of acetone permeates the back area of the NICU."

The NICU nurse manager has been fired.  The county Dept. of Health Services has had several hospital staff removed.  County Supervisor Mike Antonovich is calling for an investigation.  And for now, this elitest of salons in SoCal is closed.

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