Monday, April 12, 2010

Dodgertown Grub

Who says L.A, is all about tofu burgers and alfalfa sprouts?  Check out the latest offering from Dodger Stadium.  This new stadium "food" is called the Victory Knot.  The pretzel is about the size of a pizza.  It's made with TWO pounds of dough and sea salt.  It comes with three dipping sauces:  chipotle honey mustard, sweet cinnamon creme, and beer cheese.  No calorie counts have been provided but it is supposed to serve four people.  I guess Frank McCourt needs to do something to draw fans to the game to pay for his divorce proceedings. 

If that's not enough food for the hungry sports fans in your family, you can always go to Pasadena after the game and stuff yourself with the TNT super dog.  Cardiac catheterization recommended if you wind up eating both items the same day.

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