Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How The AMA Is Like Kmart

I received the following spam from the American Medical Association.  It is beyond embarrassing. If the AMA truly felt they were performing such good service on behalf of doctors, they shouldn't have to peddle themselves at half price like some cheap linen sale at Kmart.  While most doctors opposed ObamaCare, the AMA endorsed it to give the administration cover.  In the meantime Medicare reimbursement is still scheduled to be cut 21% in, which month is it now?  April? May? October?  Whatever happened to tort reform?  Is that even on any legislative agenda between now and when hell freezes over?  Is it any wonder less than 25% of all physicians in the country belong to the AMA?  Until this once proud organization really starts paying attention to the needs of practicing physicians it will continue to dwindle and doctors as whole in this country will suffer.

Activate your 2010 membership for HALF the dues rate.
Pay just $210.00
Receive these benefits in full:
  • Privacy protection for individual Medicare reimbursement data - The AMA protects its members' privacy related to Medicare reimbursement because that privacy helps prevent erroneous conclusions from being drawn about individual physician competency as the raw Medicare reimbursement data does not, and was never intended, to measure the quality of care provided by a physician.

  • Live support (free) on the issues of fair contracting, accurate payment practice efficiency, clinical integrity, fee schedules and other practice management issues.

  • Free subscription to JAMA in print, plus free online access to JAMA & Archives journals with free CME. (over $200 value)

  • Six free CPT® Coding inquiries ($480 value) Discounts on all AMA Books and Products, including AMA-sponsored insurance plans.

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