Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pigs In The O.R.

Recently a group of surgeons from a surgery center hired away one of our bright young female anesthesiologists, Dr. A. It was a real loss to our group. She was smart, energetic, and a darn good physician. She could handle anything in the operating room. But when she started having children she wanted more predictable work hours, which they could offer in an outpatient setting.

I asked one of the surgeons the other day how Dr. A was doing. How does she like her new work? She loves it, he said. She is fitting in great. I then inquired why they didn't hire one of our more experienced anesthesiologists, like Dr. V. The surgeon looked at me in total disbelief. Are you kidding me, he asked. Look at her. She is so dour and stubborn. Dr. A is so pretty and has such a great personality. All the patients and staff love her.

So let me get this straight. You hire an anesthesiologist not because she is competent or has great intellect. You recruit her to be eye candy for the patients and surgeons. Oink oink.

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