Monday, February 8, 2010

News From The ASA

I noticed a couple of interesting items in the current issue of the ASA Newsletter. One, the tenth anniversary of MOCA is upon us. The year 2000 was the first year the ASA started granting time limited board certification. All the anesthesiologists who finished their residencies before then can coast to their retirement without taking another freaking exam. But the rest of us have board certificates that expire every ten years. This being the tenth year, all those anesthesiologists are required to pass their recertification before January 2011. The ASA lets you take the recert exam starting in year 7, assuming you've accumulated enough CME credits. This gives the anesthesiologist at least three chances to pass the test.

According to the ASA statistic, only 60% of the class of 2000 have passed the exam so far. The other 40% have only one opportunity left this year to take it. Hmm, I think we have a huge class of procrastinators out there. Luckily the pass rate so far has been greater than 90%.

The other article that caught my eye was a letter from a group of anesthesiologists in Boston. They advocate using a transparent ether screen (blood-brain barrier) in the operating room. They say the ability of for the surgeon to see the anesthesiologist working diligently in the OR promotes safety and cooperation with the OR staff.

I don't know about this suggestion. It's bad enough when surgeons peer over the screen to tell me how to conduct my anesthetic. I couldn't imagine how intrusive the surgeons will be if they can see into my workspace. Plus, when will I have a chance to eat my bologne sandwich in the middle of an eight hour case if they are always watching my every move?

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