Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Life Saved By D-Cups

An LA area woman's life was saved when she was shot in the chest and the bullet's energy was dispersed by her large breast implants. Lydia Carranza was at her dental appointment last year when a gunman barged in and killed his wife, an employee at the office, after she filed for divorce. He then proceeded to fire his semiautomatic rifle around the room. He aimed his gun point blank at Ms. Carranza's chest. Luckily for her, the bullet went through one of her implants and stopped short of her heart. Point blank from a semiautomatic rifle and the bullet still stopped short of the heart? Sounds better than Kevlar.

Ms. Carranza's tissue wound has now healed but she needs to replace her breast implant. Her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is asking her to publicize her story in the hopes she can get donations to help pay for the implants.

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