Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beware Naked Man With Marijuana

A U.S.Airways flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles was diverted to Pittsburgh when a passenger became unruly after taking too much medical marijuana. Kinman Chan went into the plane's restroom after takeoff and started screaming. If that wasn't concerning enough, he emerged with his pants down and shirt untucked. When told to sit down he became combative and had to be subdued with a choke hold.

Mr. Chan's excuse was that he took double his usual dose of medical marijuana cookies he had with him. The U.S. attorney's office in Pittsburgh examined his medical marijuana prescription and agreed he had a "legitimate" health issue for taking the drug.

This raises some interesting questions. If Mr. Chan took double the normal dose, does that imply there is a standard dose of marijuana? Is a medical marijuana prescription written in a state that allows the stuff (California) legally recognized in other states that don't (most of the U.S.)? Even though the the DEA has never recognized the legitimacy of medical marijuana, which it still considers an illegal substance, can the U.S. attorney claim a person has a legitimate health reason for taking it? If marijuana is legalized in more states, will we have an epidemic of naked men, or women, running amok in society? Where's President Obama's wisdom when we need it the most?

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