Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad=Feminine Hygiene?

Seems like the great Evil Empire that is Apple has stumbled badly when it came time to name their new tablet. I'm already sick of all their products that start with the letter "i". With all the billions of dollars they make can't they think of more creative names besides putting an "i" in front of a noun? (Same with McDonald's whose creativity ends at putting "Mc" in the front of their food names like McNuggets, McMuffin, and McGriddle).

When the iPad was announced, the association with feminine products quickly became obvious. Snarky remarks like this, "Heavy flow? There’s an app for that!" quickly made the rounds. The New York Times interviewed several people who noticed this awkward title. Says one public relations expert, "I’m waiting for the second version that comes with wings."

So I can see this happening somewhere sometime in the near future. A man goes to Best Buy to buy the new tablet. He asks the sales clerk where is the iPad. The clerk replies Walgreen is down the street. Ha ha.

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  1. But at least with one of these, you might actually have a happy period.

    I hate that commercial that ends with "have a happy period." If they really want us to have a happy period, they need to supply a chocolate bar with each pad.