Friday, December 18, 2009

Where To Go Get Drunk Then Drive

Recently, a Los Angeles police officer was celebrating his payday by getting drunk at the bar in the LA Police Academy. He then got on his motorcycle, tried to drive home, and crashed. Luckily nobody else was hurt but he left behind a wife and five children. That police break laws they swear to enforce is not news, but the fact that the LA Police Academy has a bar serving liquor on its premises surprised many people.

The bar is called the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club. Apparently it was routine for police officers to spend their paychecks every other Wednesday at the club by boozing it up before going home. Of course nobody at the LAPD thought there might be something wrong with this situation. When asked what the department was going to do to prevent this from happening again, the former deputy chief said they were transferring responsibility of the bar to a third party. This would shield the department from liability. How comforting. If somebody gets killed by a drunken officer, the department won't get sued, the bar vendor will instead. So this weekend, if you want to get plastered and not get arrested at a sobriety checkpoint later, head on down to the LA Police Revolver and Athletic Club. Guaranteed nobody will be performing a breathalyzer test before you get into your car. If you get stopped just say you were supporting the LA Police Academy by patronizing their liquor establishment.

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