Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Nebraska!

And may the three chumps of California receive lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings. Yes I'm referring to you, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. While you three ladies have been so eager to pass health care reform, signing on before the bill was even written, the wiser senators of other states have been able to milk the system to the benefit of their constituents.

The master of this manipulation is Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson. Who knows how sincere he was about preventing federal funding of abortions but now that the Senate bill is in its final form and people have actually read it, everybody can see what sweet heart deals he has secured for his state. They include the provision to provide Nebraska with federal funding for 100% of their Medicaid expenditures in perpetuity. Yes the rest of the country will have to pay for Nebraska's Medicaid users forever and ever. Bravo Sen. Nelson. For your concerns about the life of the unborn, you were bought off with billions for your small state.

Meanwhile California will have to come up with another $3 billion to cover the increased number of users of MediCal that is written into the federal bill despite the fact that California is broke, facing another $20 billion budget deficit this year. Our illustrious leaders, presiding over the largest state in the nation, did not have the clout to bring home anything close. We have more elderly than there are people in Nebraska. Heck we have more illegal aliens than the population of Nebraska. Hospitals all over the state are closing their doors because of all the charity cases they have to give. All these people rely on the government for their health care and we could not get one cent extra. Again that was all due to California's Congressional "leaders". The California Congressional delegation, the largest in the country, did not have the fortitude or creativity to demand extra money for their poor broken state. Because states like Connecticut and Louisiana have senators that expressed "concerns" about the health bills, they were able to bring home the pork. Now Californians will have to pay higher federal taxes for the people of Nebraska and other small states and pay higher state taxes because our state government is broken and our Congressional leaders could care less about a "local" issue.

So here's to you Sen. Nelson, Lieberman, Baucus, Landrieu. You held back your votes and now your states will reap the rewards. And to the California delegation. Your Pavlovian acceptance of any liberal agenda has now hurt the very people you are supposed to represent. With more representation like yours, California is becoming the Mexico of the U.S.

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