Monday, November 9, 2009

Best thing about my iphone

I've had my iphone for almost a month now. It is a fascinating piece of technology; all that power that I can carry in the pocket of my scrub shirt. I find I can type on the virtual keyboard fairly easily, if slowly. That's okay because I'm not trying to compose a novel on the thing. The browser works as expected but without Flash support. It was neat to watch U2's concert stream on YouTube on that little thing, like having a portable TV in my pocket. The iphone's ability to pinpoint my exact location and give me real time traffic report for the streets around me is both fascinating and creepy in a 1984 sort of way. The apps, like I've said before, are overrated. I suppose some people download dozens of games and whatnots on their iphone. But I've only downloaded about 20, most of them news apps. I paid $0.99 for a couple of games (80's arcade style games is my thing) and used them hardly at all. There are no worthwhile anesthesia apps to download.

The best thing about my iphone actually is the screen. Not the touchscreen functionality, but the fact that it accumulates no grease. It is quite amazing. When I first got the phone I thought this touchscreen would be a bitch to clean. But after a month, there is no fingerprints on it. For comparison, my wife got a touchscreen phone from another manufacturer and her screen is totally smudged with fingerprints and face grease. She wouldn't believe that my iphone screen would dissipate skin oils automatically so she rubbed my phone all over her face, leaving a giant smudge on the screen. I put the phone away. When I brought it out again 30 minutes later, the face grease was almost gone. The screen stays shiny and clean, almost like new. Magical.

Apple has put on what they call an oleophobic coating on the screen to solve this problem of oily skin. Bill Nye has a nice short explanation of this. It really works well. It is smart thinking like this that makes them a $200 a share company. Wish I had been an Apple stock believer earlier. Sigh.

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