Thursday, October 29, 2009

Medical marijuana, a new line of work

If doctors' incomes fall substantially after the passage of ObamaCare, there appears to be a promising new line of work. In the LA Times, a columnist writes about his visit to a doctor to get a prescription for medical marijuana. Now you have to know that in Los Angeles there are close to 800 marijuana dispensaries throughout the county. I see several on my way to and from work; the telltale sign being a green cross over the front door. And thanks to President Obama, the feds will not be raiding any of these places anymore since Californians have legalized medical marijuana.

The writer of the article is initially concerned that he may be turned down, that he isn't sick enough to warrant a prescription for marijuana. When he goes to the "doctor's" office, he talks about his long history of back pain. The doctor "examines" him visually, never laying a hand on him or even getting out of his chair. When asked about the anatomy of the back, the doctor confesses he has no clue, he is a gynecologist by training. And just like that, he is given a recommendation that he can take to any dispensary for legal marijuana.

The great part for doctors is that the writer hands over $150 in cash to the clerk at the end of the ten minute exam. No complaints about copays. No sob stories about how he can't afford his medications. In this office all the patients willingly pay cash for the visit and dutifully fill out their prescriptions ASAP. This could be the greatest line of business for physicians since Botox.

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