Thursday, October 22, 2009

How much did you make last year?

This from

Dennis O'Connell, the man responsible for moving around props at New York's Carnegie Hall made $530,044 last year in income and benefits. Four other crew members made an average of $430,543. Artistic and Executive Director Clive Gillinson made $946,581.

What do the stagehands do to earn this much money? According to the report, the crew "move equipment in and out of the hall, prepare the three stages for performances and operate audiovisual and sound fixtures." If that doesn't sound like the responsibilities fit for a six figure income, you forget that they have a trump card, the International Alliance of Theatrtical Stage Employees. The union shut down Broadway for three weeks in 2007, resulting in losses of millions of dollars. (Shrek the Musical just announced it is closing because they couldn't make a profit with gross weekly receipts of over $500,000.) Since nobody else in the world appears to be capable of doing the same tasks as this stage crew, management felt they had to appease the union with this ridiculous salary and benefits package.

How much do you owe on your medical school loans? Maybe you can get a handout from the Carnegie Hall stage crew.

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