Sunday, September 13, 2009

Health insurance exchange

Confused by the talk of health insurance co-ops or health insurance exchanges? I know I am. And I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person (though my wife frequently disagrees). Here is a pdf from the House Ways and Means Committee on their vision of a health insurance exchange that is in HR 3200. And here is a cautionary tale about California's insurance exchange that was in place in the 1990's until being closed down ignominiously in 2006. It seems that Massachusetts learned heavily from California by requiring every resident in the state to purchase health insurance, thus widening the risk pool to allow insurance to be more affordable. I hope this illuminates some light on the dense language of insurance exchanges.

Speaking of which, I don't understand the opposition that some people have in requiring everybody to buy health insurance. Everybody who owns a car is required to own car insurance. Everybody who owns a house is required to buy homeowner's insurance. The government is even willing to subsidize middle class tax payers to purchase health insurance. So why is it unreasonable to require purchasing health insurance?

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