Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Death of objectivity

The Los Angeles Times is having a fit today about the Facebook poll on whether President Obama should be killed. Using words like "The poll was outrageous" and "The inflammatory poll" the editorial made it clear they objected to the thought of assassinating a sitting president.

"Heated rhetoric is a staple of political discourse, but death threats -- whether real or insinuated -- are not."

But what did their editorial board say back in 2006, when the movie "Death of a President" was released? That film depicted the fictional scenerio of the assassination of President George W. Bush.

"But what exactly about "Death of a President" is controversial? Is it the content of the movie, which its creators describe as a political thriller? Or is it simply the premise itself, as many of its critics say?"

"But the film is complex, restrained and painstakingly careful not to glorify violence (of which there's actually very little). "

Is it any wonder many people don't trust the liberal media? Though news organizations consider themselves objective and fair, they are only kidding themselves. People can see the hypocrisy despite their insistence that they offer nonpartisan coverage.

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