Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Better anesthesia slogans

The American Society of Anesthesiologists' official slogan is "Anesthesiologists: Physicians providing the lifeline of modern medicine." Boring. I thought I could think of a few better ones.

Anesthesiologists: Physicians providing a legal supply of propofol.

Anesthesiologists: Got milk? You betcha!

Anesthesiologists: Because Michael would have wanted one.

Anesthesiologists: We would have asked for cash up front.

Anesthesiologists: Physicians providing surgeons excuses for bad outcomes.

Anesthesiologists: When Lamaze only takes you to 4 cm.

Anesthesiologists: I slept with mine today.

Anesthesiologists: Physicians providing narcotic wishes and propofol dreams.

Anesthesiologists: There is no substitute.

What do you think the ASA should do with its slogan?

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