Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can I have more (drug) cocktail please?

Dr. Murray reportedly told the police he gave Michael Jackson Valium 10 mg, Ativan 2 mg x 2 and Versed 2 mg x 2 before giving him propofol 25 mg the morning he died. This according to the Houston Chronicle. This doesn't sound like a particularly lethal dose, especially given MJ's known addiction to prescription drugs. Something doesn't quite add up in Dr. Murray's statements. Let me quote Dr. Joseph Naples, chairman of Anesthesiology at Methodist Hospital, "The whole story sounds fishy, but who knows?" Curiouser and curiouser.

MJ also reportedly asked a British physician to give him prescription drugs while he was doing his This Is It tour in London. Dr. Susan Etok said MJ asked for propofol and Demerol amongst the list of drugs he requested. She said MJ offered up to $800,000 for her services in obtaining and administering the drugs. Dr. Etok, bless her soul, refused MJ. When she told Michael her decision, Michael emailed back not to worry, he will find some other doctor who would. Hello, Dr. Murray?

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