Friday, July 10, 2009

St. Michael Jackson, savior of anesthesia

How many of you have noticed, like I have, that there is a sudden great interest in anesthesia and propofol since the untimely death of Michael Jackson (RIP MJ)? Some have referred to it as Michael's drug or Michael's milk. I get questions everyday from doctors and patients about how propofol works and how it can kill you. All these questions can be dismissed as a ghoulish interest in anesthesia, just like when Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter) was killed by a stingray and all of a sudden everybody wanted to know about stingrays.
But as I mention on my website, any and all questions patients and colleagues have should be welcomed by us. We are no longer just the doctors who push drugs to make patients fall asleep. People have realized that we are dealing with something that is potentially DANGEROUS (no pun intended). A patient can actually die from what we give them. And that feeling is very empowering. I feel like I've achieved a level of respect from my patients that I've never had before. They look at us now as medical professionals, trained in the use of dangerous substances for the good of mankind. So here's to you, St. Michael Jackson, the savior of anesthesia.

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